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“Life isn’t about living forever, it’s about creating something that will”

From a young age I’ve loved high end fashion. Growing up I always wanted to be the flyest person in my year on non school uniform days although I wasn't ever successful due to limited resources. I can clearly remember the rare occasions where I used to get all the money I could together and spend it all on one luxury product. The first expensive item I can remember owning was a Gucci belt. The belt itself wasn’t a personal favourite from what was in the store, but it was the only one I could just about afford on the day.

It wasn’t the belt itself that was special but it was the feeling it gave me. The things like the packaging box, the bag all made me feel like a million dollars. So I started to wear that belt every single day of my life at school & on the weekend and it stayed with me everywhere I went, even when it didn’t go with what I was wearing at all! 

There are a lot of brands out there that I’ve always loved but what I’ve always felt from young is that there’s no real brand you can consider the ‘complete brand’. There is always one factor which is always slightly out such as - the fitting, the price being unattainable, the materials used, the colourways they’re producing in etc. This made me start to wonder however it wasn’t something I began to act on until after I had been dropped out of school for a while.

At 18, after trying a few hustles here and there, I began to explore how creative I could really get. After seeing an ad pop up on Instagram for a fashion manufacturing agency - I decided to bite the bullet and take the first step.

A few months later our samples arrived and I can honestly say they were terrible! In the moment of time it was a very proud moment though. Seeing an item that I had created from scratch made me feel a way I had never felt and gave me the taste for it. I continued working with our supplier going back and forth until every detail was correct and eventually launched our collection a few months later on the 30th October 2020.

Since then I have met my business partner Niko, who was one of my first customers who really bought into what I was trying to achieve with this brand. Our first business meeting wasn’t a long one, we knew we both were hungry boys with the same vision of where we are trying to get to in life and decided to scrap the long talk and become partners there and then.

Since our first launch in October 2020, we have dropped more collections and several product lines with the mission of improving every release in every aspect. 

Our mission for our brand is to create products that give the same feeling my first Gucci belt did as a boy. We want our customers to feel a million dollars from the moment they order the item all the way through to the last time they wear it. We want to make our price points as fair as we can for premium products and this is something we will stand by and maintain as we develop and improve further. 

Our mission is to create the best premium UK brand in the market and believe there is no limitation into what we can adapt and expand into as time progresses.


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